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Teacher Jo is a talented piano teacher in Singapore. With much sincerity, patience and artistic quality, she hopes to pass these qualities on to her students. This is far exceeding what the highest expectation you can get from a good piano teacher.

Teacher Jo is the best piano teacher I have met. She made every single lesson enjoyable and made the most out of them even to the extent where I long for my short piano lesson on Friday for the whole week. With her lessons, I could upgrade my piano playing skills to a superior level. I can now relieve stress and drive away any negative feelings when I’m playing the piano.

Though I am under teacher Jo for just a short period of 1 year, I treasured every moment learning from her. I look forward to continue my piano lessons with her.

이웅성 ~ Korean student, (St. Gabriel’s Sec Sch )

Piano Teacher Jo has always been a good teacher. I was only at primer level when I met her. After a year of piano lessons with her, She prepared me for the ABRSM grade 3 piano exam. I passed it with Merit! The best thing is I am preparing for my grade 7 piano exam now. I am very happy whenever she shares nice songs with me on her iPad. I am overjoyed every time she teaches me new songs. I wish I can play like her. “

Luke, Primary 4

我是一名来自中国的钢琴教师。刚来新加坡时,由于语言的原因,教授钢琴课时要用英文教授,我的英语文不是很好。所以我找到了郑老师,她的双语都很好,我和她学习 ABRSM 的 THEORY.


很感谢郑老师,一直耐心的教导,我成功的取得了 THEORY 的 GRADE 8 的文凭。




Teacher Jo is very patient, passionate and professional in her teachings. She is also inspirational and excellent in helping my boy feel and master each piece with every possible detail. On top of this, my boy also gained valuable performing experiences by participating in various events organised by Teacher Jo for her students, be it annual piano recital, external piano competition, public performances or masterclasses.

We never fail to hear my boy praising Teacher Jo and how much he enjoyed all her weekly piano and theory lessons for the past 3 years. All in all, Teacher Jo plays an important role in shaping my boy’s musical journey so far and we look forward to more in the coming future. Thank you, Teacher Jo! ❤ “

Sharon Hng

Ms Jo’s passion for music can be felt and it has definitely influenced me! It has spurred my greater interest in classical music and enabled me to appreciate these fine works better. Under her guidance, I achieved Distinction in my grade 6 theory of music. Within a year, I took the grade 8 theory exam. All in all, she is an excellent piano teacher to have!

Linda (NUS)

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