Specialised Piano Lessons for kids and adults at Amadeus Music Academy Singapore

Getting Familiar with the Keys

The piano is without a doubt one of the most popular classical instruments aspiring musicians look to master. For anyone who is looking to tickle the ivory keys and expand your musical repertoire, Amadeus Music Academy Singapore specialises in piano lessons for both kids and adults.

When it comes to learning the piano, every student learns at a different pace. Every piano teacher at Amadeus Music Academy Singapore is able to design customised lessons that does not just enhance your music making, but also allow you to learn efficiently.

Why Join the Amadeus Music Academy Family?

Passionate Teachers

With the varying level of difficulty in mind, our teachers are ready to guide students of all skill levels. Children as young as 3-years-old are welcome to begin learning with us, as are adults looking for a musical escapade.

Piano lessons at Amadeus Music Academy Singapore are designed to be engaging, interesting and fun. We aim to help students focus on their craft, all while building a solid technical foundation moving forward.

Attention to Details

Keeping our students motivated and always learning new things is a key focus for our piano teachers here at Amadeus Music Academy Singapore. This is where custom lessons can help, allowing each student to learn comfortably without losing interest.

No matter how you learn, we are committed to helping you reach your goal.

Unique Learning Experiences

Our group lessons offer unique learning experience, including directional pre-reading notation, creative discovery on the keyboard, technique through games and songs, eye training and ear training.

Other than classical graded lessons (ABRSM), we also provide leisure pop piano lessons for those students looking to learn their favourite pop pieces.

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