Our Programs

Individual Lessons

Individual piano, guitar and vocal lessons are designed to build a solid technical foundation for students based on the ABRSM curriculum. Our music lessons are customised to suit the pace of learning for each individual in order to enhance their ability to enjoy music making. Our teachers are able to work with students of all ages and abilities, including children from as young as 3 years old. 

Group Lessons

Our groups lessons offer unique learning experience, including directional pre-reading notation, creative discovery on the keyboard , technique through games and songs, eye training and ear training. 

Annual Recital

We provide stage experience with opportunities to perform in front of a live audience. Annual recitals are held to train students in performance skills and techniques, inspire self confidence and provide the joy of performing live. 


We provide our students with opportunities to work with and learn from well respected and renowned pianists such as Adam Gyorgy and Wang Congyu. In the masterclass, students will receive pertinent advice towards refining their pieces, while the observers are able to absorb knowledge which they can later apply to their own repertoire. Masterclasses provide students  invaluable feedback and artistic simulation in preparing them for recitals, competitions, performances and examinations. 

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