Our Pianos

Boston Piano – High quality piano by Steinway & Sons

Amadeus Music Academy believes in providing our students with high quality pianos with high standards of tone quality and touch. This is to enable them to develop sensitivity from day one. Bringing the student’s awareness of sound and musicality to new heights. We have specially equipped our academy with the below Boston pianos designed by Steinway & Sons. 

Responsive. Precision. Intuitive grace. A superior musical instrument can be recognised by the degree to which it allows the player to express vision without interference – with nothing standing between the fingers and the music in the air. Such is the experience of playing a Boston. Designed by Steinway & Sons, employing the unique patents and expertise that have made the name of STEINWAY synonymous with musical excellence, the Boston Grand represents a singular achievement in instrument building.

Model: GP178

Model: UP126

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