Picking Up Guitar Lessons with Amadeus Music Academy Singapore

Guitar Lessons with Amadeus Music Academy Singapore

Get Ready to Shine

When it comes to learning the art of music, the guitar is a great choice for many. The familiar sounds that come from strumming a classical or acoustic guitar are easy on the ear, and something that you will be able to pick up with the help of our instructors at Amadeus Music Academy.

Each student learns differently, and we understand the process intimately. Here at Amadeus Music Academy Singapore, guitar lessons are tailored individually for all kinds of students. Whether you are new to the stringed instrument, or just need some expert tips to bring your mastery to the next level, you are in good hands here.

Why Choose Amadeus Music Academy?

Rockstar Instructors

Ease into the groove with the aid of our experienced teachers, capable of showing you the ropes for both classical and acoustic guitar. Through engaging guitar lessons, every student will be able to establish a solid technical foundation built for mastery with Amadeus Music Academy Singapore.

A passion for creativity is the basis of all teaching and learning at Amadeus Music Academy. Together with our dedicated instructors, we do not just want to teach. We want to inspire.

Personalised Attention

With guitar lessons customised to suit the pace of learning for each individual, our team aims to enhance your ability to enjoy music making. All instructors here at Amadeus Music Academy Singapore are able to work with students of all ages and abilities. Children from as young as 4-years-old are welcome to chase their musical dreams with us.

Pick Up and Play

For those looking for guitar lessons that are more leisurely in nature, join us and let our teachers guide you. Share with us your favourite pop pieces and learn the skills you will need to play them effortlessly and impress your friends!

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