Can I start a lesson halfway through a term?

Yes. You will be charged a prorated fees based on a 11 lessons term.

If I leave halfway through, will I get a refund for the remaining fees?

No, there will be no refund. A one month notice is required for stopping of classes.

Are there make up lessons?

Yes, if you have a valid MC or have given us at least a 24 hours notice.

Can I choose the type of piano to play on?

No, the type of pianos are assigned to specific teachers and also based on grade.
Diploma students would be given the priority to play on the grand piano. However, be rest assured that all pianos used at our Academy are of high quality. We use Boston pianos at our Academy which are designed by Steinway & Sons.

Can I choose my teacher?

We will try to assign you the teacher of your choice if he/she is available at your requested timing.

Are there any term break?

Yes. There will be 11 lessons and 2 weeks off in a single term of three months.

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