The entry into the family of STEINWAY–designed pianos, the Essex incorporates STEINWAY & SONS’ latest design specifications and engineering standards, as well as the STEINWAY commitment to excellence developed over 160 years of quality craftsmanship. Every Essex instrument is inspected by a team of highly experienced STEINWAY & SONS technicians before it leaves the factory.

Essex EUP-123 S Institutional Studio

A nicely balanced upright piano with a cabinet that is especially designed for institutional use

Essex EUP-123 E Classic Studio

A balanced upright piano with elegantly proportioned, straight legs. Its traditional design will enrich a wide variety of decorative styles

Essex EUP-123 FL Empire Studio

This upright piano has an elegant design and a strong visual presence that would be in keeping with nearly all styles of decoration

Essex EUP-116 E

With its traditional design and a wide range of veneers, this piano will do justice to the most diverse styles

Essex EUP-108 C Continental

The continental styling of this upright piano is at home in any décor. The contemporary design offers distinctive and stylish elegance at an affordable price.

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