Amadeus Music Academy Teachers’ Training

In Amadeus Music Academy, we hold quarterly teachers’ training. Our teachers share ideas and experiences with each other. In the first quarter of 2021, Teacher Jo shared the piano methods she is using based on her experience and research. Teacher Joshua shed some light on how to achieve successful trial with potential students.    

Everyone piano teacher has their own opinions and approach, but it is really interesting to see how students transform using the right piano method combine with the teacher’s expertise. 

In the training session, Teacher Jo discussed the well-loved and time tested Piano Adventure curriculum. She presented a systematic approach for teaching young beginner students using the Fabers’ philosophy of teaching with Analysis, Creativity, and Expression (A-C-E). Her young students reaped the benefits of the Piano Adventure curriculum under her coaching and in turn translate to a much greater interest in learning, and had successful piano experiences in piano exams, competitions and performances. 

Teacher Joshua shared on some methods teachers can use to build rapport with students and parents, and how to manage the expectations of both students and parents that are coming for the lesson. At the same time, he shared some activities that he used in trials to evaluate students’ potential and motor skills, while at the same time delivering a fun and entertaining lesson. To correctly assess where a child is in their development stage is vital for teachers as we can further assist and cultivate their growth and development once we are aware of what is needed or lacking.

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