What can teachers do to encourage their students more

I am always amazed by the pace of the student’s cognitive growth during my teaching career. Beginner students have lots to learn and you’ll be surprised at how fast this learning happens. At first, they start off not even knowing their finger numbers. But by about 6 weeks, they will understand what a beat is and will play simple tune. 
The students will also be fascinated in an interactive learning environment interacting with the music apps and duet practicing can be turned into learning with joy. When making progress, the piece become harder, and students need to work more to overcome any challenges they might face. Give encouragement to the students, help them to tune into the feeling of accomplishment and the pride they feel for a piece well played. Acknowledge the student’s effort, no matter how small. In recognising the various efforts student put forth, consideration the following:
  1. If you have a student that shown improvement in her pieces, compliment specific details from her playing.
  2. Giving eye contact. Show you are paying attention and interest
  3. Document the effort. A before and after video can be one of the best ways to see improvement.
  4. Cheer for them if they perform well. Show that you are excited for them too. The positive energy will push them to continue their hard work
  5. Teach them to embrace mistakes, rarely do we reach our accomplishments on our first attempt, and no one become top pianist in one day.
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