Achieving the Proper Technique of Firm and Curved Fingers

One of the most common problem in piano student’s technique is collapsing finger joints (Fig 1), and this has to be remedied. It is important to keep a round hand shape with curved fingers when playing the piano. Getting the student to play with firm, rather than collapsed, fingertips can be a challenge. Below I explained how I work with one of my young student. To identify the problem, I video recorded her playing first, then I showed her the video and made her aware of her collapsed finger joints. Then we started practicing on the table. We balanced the fingers on the solid surface of the table, keeping a round hand shape. I would gently press and apply some pressure on her weak finger joints, trying to collapse it. Her finger joint should resist, to prevent them from collapsing (Fig 2). We would then repeat the steps and practice on the piano. Whenever her finger joints collapsed during the lesson, I will remind her to prevent this happening. I also send feedback to her mum so that she would remind the daughter when she practices at home. After a month of practices and monitoring her progress, she has now improved and is able to keep her finger joints firm when playing the piano.

Fig. 1
Fig. 2
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